As an communication major at university, there is always a writer deep in her soul.  Christine was a freelance columist early on and by chance she began to write concert programme notes. It is a rare talent as many musicians can play music expressively at will but using words to describe music is another thing for them. Christine's command in both Chinese and English writing enables her to become a professional writer/editor of programme notes for classical music concerts and she also gives lessons on the subject to ABRSM/ Trinity Guildhall diploma examination candidates that she had studied most of the pieces in the examination syllabus.

To see Christine's sample writing of concert programme notes, please click here.

Chritine had never dreamed of being a music composer and up to now her two compositions were both products of necessity. But she did wrote several pieces during her university years and one was "Lament of a Housewife" that requires an instrumentalist to handle a chopping knife according to differently newly invented symbols. May be that's the hint of Christine being a contemporary pianist now as being obedient or normal is just a No-No to her. Wish there will be more compositions to come.

Too know more about Christine's compositions, please click here.

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