2015 Dec    Variations on Bach's Sicilenne (2 Pianos 8 hands)                    

Composed for a rather short lived 8 hands ensemble 8ctopus at RCM, this piece is an extension of Mack Wilberg's transcription of Bach's famous sicilienne from the G minor flute sonata. There are four variations, each exploring different musical styles in a retrograde perspective, which goes from avant garde, tango, late romantic pianistic style to the final baroque fugal style. 

2017 Dec    Moonlight on Ludao (2 Pianos 8 hands) 

Composed for 8ight's Debut Concert in Taiwan , premiered by the composer, Geneva Fung, Stephanie Fung and Ken So at Wenshui Arts and Cultural Center 6th Jan, 2018. The piece is a mash up adaptation of four popular pieces including Teresa Teng's 'The Moon Represents My Heart' (月亮代表我的心), Taiwan traditional 'Serenade in Ludao' (綠島小夜曲), Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata and Debussy's Clair de lune. 

2019 Mar    How Will  You Kiss (Female Voice and Piano) 

Composed for NED Ensemble call for score 2019. The lyric is taken from  American Poet Judith Pordon's same-titled poem. It is a short piece lasts 3 minutes. With a romantic melody, the piano accompaniment though with simple texture, always aims to enhance the sensual text. At the centre of the piece where there is implied sex, a Gregorian chanting style is used to express the almost religious, inner climax.

2020 Jan    Endless Night (Piano) 

This piece just came out of the blue. An homage to Chopin and Liebermann. A roughly binary design with extensions on extensions in the second half. 

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